Parker Media offers a variety of audio services to accompany the visual projects to promote your business and/or brand:

               VOICE OVERS


Voice-overs are an essential ingredient in the creation of dynamic media. They can be an unseen character in a story, or just a friendly voice persuading you to buy an amazing product. They are found in every form of media, and with the ever-growing popularity of narrated YouTube videos and podcasts, it’s more important than ever to consider audio when creating your next content piece. Parker Media has a list of voice talent to choose from, have a listen to our roster and enjoy!


Ness Thumn Voice.png

Millennial, upbeat, warm, friendly, educational.

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Conversational, relatable, versatile, confident, friendly.

jess thumn Voice (1).png

Conversational, smooth, confident, emotional, informative.

michael Thumn Voice.png

Friendly, conversational, uique, captivating, fun.



Professional voice overs are great for sprucing up a social media campaign.  Add a voice-over to your product photography, stories or even your TikTok videos to give them the extra flare they need to succeed!


Podcasts can be a great way to connect with your target market because it's so accessible. Consumers can listen to your content on the go, as they go about their lives. But quality is key in keeping listeners. Let us edit your podcast and offer vocal coaching too!


Looking for a narrator for your YouTube series, documentary, creative video and beyond? We have a whole roster of voice talents to choose from, to suit your needs.


Corporate presentations are more impressive when accompanied by a professional voice over. Spruce up your presentation and wow your peers using one of our amazing voice talents!


Training staff or students is a lot more effective with a clear, friendly, informative voice to deliver your message. Our voices are professionally trained to deliver an engaging audio piece to go along with your in-depth course.


Have a project in mind that we didn't cover here? No worries, we worked with all sorts of content. Contact us today for a consultation to see how Parker Media can help!

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No voice is right for every project. Choose from our roster of voices to find the perfect voice for your brand. We also edit audio for those who want to record themselves.

Once you find a voice that suits your needs, we'll work with that artist to get a quote and record their voice for your project. If you're recording the audio yourself, we'll work with you to perfect your mic etiquette before recording.

We will balance the audio, and remove any pops, clicks and background noise. This is also where we add in royalty-free music and deliver the product in whatever file format you need.

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