Parker Media is a digital marketing company based out of Kitchener, Ontario. We work with business owners to enhance their digital content all with the goal of boosting brand awareness and generating leads. We believe that good, effective content has to stand out from the crowd. That's why we're always looking to create fun, concise, and interesting media that will make a lasting connection with your audience.



Brady Parker
CEO - Head of Production

Brady has been developing his camera and production skills since 2005. He has two diplomas in filmmaking and journalism, worked in the Canadian film and TV industry for 4 years before starting Parker Media with Jess.


Whether you need photos, videos, or someone to edit your own material, Brady's your guy!


Jess Parker
President - Creative Director

Jess has been developing her digital marketing skills since 2011. She's passionate about creating meaningful, viral content for other businesses. That's why she teamed up with Brady to start Parker Media.

Whether you're looking for brand strategy, social media management, voice work, digital marketing or producing, Jess' your gal!

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Are you a talented photographer, videographer or social media expert in the Waterloo Region? We're always looking to collaborate with other local creative professionals. Send us your portfolio to see if we're a great fit!